KIDS ACADEMY for children is a fun, powerful self-protection, personal safety and practical life skills program that has been professionally designed TO EQUIP YOUR CHILD FOR SUCCESS.

Our classes teach your child safe and age-appropriate self defence, psychological and physical bullyproofing techniques, and powerful life skills that enhance emotional wellness and set the foundation for astounding success at school and in later life. These skills will change your child’s life – and contribute immensely to happiness and fulfilment in later adult life. Our classes are non-competitive, fun, and safe.

KIDS ACADEMY is for children aged from 5 to 11 years of age. (This may vary slightly at the discretion of the trainer and by arrangement with parents.)

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Here are just some of the benefits that your child will experience as a result of being part of the KIDS ACADEMY class:

Physical ability: Your child will learn simple, safe exercises that increase physical strength, co-ordination, and self-confidence. These are taught within a mix of fun activities that encourage teamwork and have a powerful effect on your child’s posture, motor skills, and overall physical ability.

Self defence: Your child will be taught how to safely and effectively defend against physical threats – primarily against a bully in the school environment, but also against other kinds of physical attempt at harm. The techniques we teach are safe and age-appropriate, and are primarily designed to de-escalate conflict and make it possible for your child to get away from a potentially harmful situation. Our philosophy is ‘peace where possible’. These techniques will not encourage violence as a means of conflict resolution – quite the opposite, in fact – but rather responsible defence, used only as a necessary resort if required. These techniques are all taught within a framework of strong self-discipline and restraint – but are highly effective and decisive.

General safety: Your child will also be taught general principles of personal safety from a variety of perspectives – road safety, interacting with strangers, home safety which includes short sessions on electrical safety, water safety, poisons and hazards, and personal security which includes the importance of not sharing personal information, particularly online or by phone.

Healthy living: Your child will be taught how playful exercise and good sleep habits are both highly effective ways of reducing everyday stress. Our classes also emphasize the importance of eating well: teaching children to avoid eating too many foods that are high in sugar, and eating foods that are healthy by choice.

Personal potential: Through cooperative games and roleplay, your child will learn habits that contribute to personal success: how to set and achieve goals, how to develop a powerful vision for life, how to help others, and the value of character attributes such as habitual happiness and forgiveness.

Discipline and respect: By being part of a group that is friendly, supportive, and focused, your child will develop a strong sense of self-worth and self respect. This automatically leads to greater respect for others, and the ability to interact with others in a harmonious and intelligent way.

Emotional wellness: One of our greatest needs is to connect with others – and this has an amazing effect on our emotional wellbeing. Your child’s emotional state will be strengthened and stabilised through interaction and play, and the result will be a happier, calmer and more settled child. This also has a remarkable effect on school performance.

Resilience and Resourcefulness: With increased physical ability and mental strength, something wonderful happens – your child develops the physical and psychological confidence to easily navigate through difficulties or challenges.

FUN: Everything your child will learn at KIDS ACADEMY takes place in an atmosphere of fun and creativity. Children (and adults too!) learn best when they play, and it’s been proven that creativity leads to greater resourcefulness – which means that your child will be learning how to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles in a positive, creative and optimistic manner.


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