KIDS ACADEMY is more than just another extramural activity: it offers your child something truly unique.

In partnership with Elite Defence Academy and BullyProof South Africa, and with the input of occupational therapists, experts in child safety, educators, and experienced trainers, we’ve created a program that is designed to powerfully equip your child for success.

Right now, we’re presenting a program that has been designed for grade school children roughly between the ages of 5 and 11 (this may vary slightly at the discretion of the trainer). And, by mid-2017, we’ll have our new teen program up and running as well.

A cross-section of topics is taught in every class: personal safety and age-appropriate self defence, physical strength and health, emotional wellness and social interdependence, goalsetting and self-discipline, and most important of all, an attitude of positivity, resilience, forgiveness, and focus on an amazing future.

Our training has been endorsed by one of South Africa’s leading educational psychologists*, who stated: “I am impressed by the quality of the information… the psychological insight in this program provides children with a lasting learning experience that will be of tremendous benefit.”

In addition to the praise and endorsement of qualified educators and professionals, our program’s greatest success lies in the enthusiastic feedback we get from parents who cannot believe how their children’s lives have been transformed in such an amazing way.

Our goal is to do more than simply teach children about bullyproofing and positive life skills: our goal is to transform an entire generation. We’re only too aware that the world we shape today is the world your child inherits tomorrow – and we have the skill, the passion, and the resources to make that a reality.

We see a world where tomorrow’s leaders are guided by a desire to change humanity for the better, where role models are strong, resilient, and honest, and where bystanders become passionate upstanders. And this isn’t just an idle dream: we’re already doing it.

Through intelligent partnerships, a growing number of resources for parents and teachers, and our group of passionate, highly capable licensed trainers, we’re making a difference.

In addition to our scheduled classes, we also offer group workshops, Life Orientation supplementary sessions for schools, and more.

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Enrol your child today, or, if we don’t yet have a licensed trainer in your area, you (or someone suitable who you might know) may want to consider becoming one – taking the opportunity to run your own independent, profitable business while transforming your community and ensuring a successful future for your children.

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* Melanie Hartgill, Educational Psychologist. HPCSA Reg 0081 469. Dr. Hartgill has frequently been featured in the media as a preeminent authority on childhood development, and is a sought-after speaker and writer on issues surrounding the development of children worldwide.