Shape the future

KIDS ACADEMY was founded by Des Brown, who has spearheaded life skills and bullyproofing training for children in South Africa and internationally for almost a decade.

In 2007, Des was the driving force behind the group that would later become the BullyProof South Africa organisation, when he correctly predicted the wave of violent bullying that began sweeping the country’s schools five years later, and began preparing parents and children for it. The program offered by Kids Academy is the culmination of years of evolution, a huge amount of practical, on-the-ground experience and expertise, and the input of some of the country’s leading educational psychologists, occupational therapists, educators, and experts in child safety.

Des is also the founder of Elite Defence Academy, a group that trains adults in practical safety and self-defense. He has also authored a book, The Bully Solution, which is an at-home bullyproofing resource for parents. He has been featured on Carte Blanche, ANN7, Great Expectations, Disney Channel, KykNet, DTV, and several other TV and radio features as well as in several magazines and online articles.

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“What makes our approach different?” says Des. “It’s this: we’re not just teaching kids to fight, like so many ‘self-defense’ or ‘bullyproofing’ programs out there. That approach is incredibly shortsighted – because you wind up with adults who solve problems by kicking and punching. That’s the last thing we need right now. Nor are we teaching them to be passive and helpless, either. We’re not in the business of turning children into soft targets. Instead, there’s a healthy middle ground, characterized by disciplined strength, respect and social awareness, where children learn to become self-confident, self-motivated, and incredibly purposeful.”

The KIDS ACADEMY program also encompasses a number of other critically important life skills, like safety training, goalsetting, and personal success. More than anything else, though, it’s geared toward creating positive social change – and as more and more children learn how to expand their spheres of positive influence, others are in turn affected and inspired, and entire schools and communities begin to change.

In addition to practical skills, Kids Academy also focuses on emotional wellness, and children are taught the importance of values like integrity, honestly, empathy, forgiveness, and care for each other and for others.

Des is the immensely proud father of three children (all now young adults), and his experience throughout almost a quarter century of parenting, training, and equipping has ensured a level of expertise and insight that adds tremendous value to Kids Academy.

“Trust is earned over time,” says Des. “And we’re playing the long game. We want you, as a parent, to know, on a deep level, that Kids Academy is something truly extraordinary. That what we have for your child is deeper, more profound, and more positive than what you can see right now.”

“Your child is in a very safe space here. We’re sowing seeds… we’re investing in the future. And we’d love you to be a part of that future with us.”