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Enrolling your child with us is quick and easy.


Send us an email at kidsacademyenquiries@gmail.com, and simply let us know that you want to enrol your child. We’ll mail you an enrolment form, which you’ll need to fill in and hand back to the trainer you’ve chosen.

(If you’ve already spoken to a trainer in your area, or visited a class, you may have already been given an enrolment form; if so, simply fill it in and hand it back to the trainer.)


Once the trainer receives your completed enrolment form, they’ll confirm the enrolment with you, and give you their banking details to make payment.

The class fee may vary slightly from Trainer to Trainer, as venue rentals and other add-ons may affect the cost of presenting the weekly classes.

Please speak directly to the Trainer in your area to confirm the class fee.

Our recommended general class fee is R380 per child per month.

The trainer may also be offering a once-off workshop, or possibly training sessions within a school context (e.g. as part of a school’s Life Orientation program), or in certain instances, one-on-one coaching. Any training outside of the regular weekly class structure is charged at different fees, and you’ll be able to get this information from the trainer if this is the case for your child.


Make payment for your child, and please ensure that you continue to make payments every month for as long as your child is participating in Kids Academy. Please remember: use your name as the deposit reference to enable the trainer to keep track of payments made.

Please note that payments must be made monthly in advance to your trainer, on or before the first day of each new month.

If for any reason your child ceases participating with us, your trainer will need a month’s notice by email in order to avoid requesting a fee which is no longer due.

It’s as easy as that!

If you have any questions, please email us at KidsAcademyEnquiries@gmail.com, and we’ll help you promptly.



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