Are you a teacher, community figure, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent? Are you passionate about equipping children for an exciting future?

We’re looking for people who share our vision.

With a training and certification fee of only R9500-00 (US$715-00), this is an opportunity to run your own successful small business, with vast earning potential, while presenting an amazing life skills program to children in your area or community.

The opportunity for licensing is currently available both within South Africa as well as Namibia, designated African countries, Australia, the UK, USA, and Canada.


About Kids Academy

Kids Academy classes offer a safe, fun, and effective children’s program which is centred around anti-bullying, as well as a host of practical life skills that are also designed to set the stage for growth, happiness, and success. These classes include activities which teach physical self-defence, general personal safety, emotional wellness, healthy living habits, personal potential training, and more.

The Kids Academy program has been created and designed by Des Brown, founder of Elite Defence Academy and BullyPROOF South Africa. Des is also the author of The Bully Solution (an at-home bullyproofing book for parents), and has been featured on Carte Blanche, ANN7, Great Expectations, KykNet, DTV, and several other TV and radio features as well as in several magazines and online articles.

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Kids Academy, partnered with Elite Defence Academy and BullyProof South Africa, is administered as a brand of Real Goode Lifestyle Coaching (Pty) Ltd, business registration 2014/060393/07.

At Kids Academy, we’re passionate and excited about what we offer, and we’re looking for like-minded individuals to help us grow our network of licensed trainers, making a positive difference in the lives of children and communities, while operating a viable business that has the potential to generate a significant personal income.

Do you have what it takes to be a Kids Academy Trainer?

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, positive and motivated individuals to undergo training as Kids Academy Trainers, in order to present our program in the form of classes, workshops, group sessions, and in a number of different ways. Although we provide the training and the teaching material, the Trainer is free to present the program in many different formats. Most of our Trainers offer a regular class, in addition to once-off workshops, school presentations, and other creative ways of growing their business.

Our fundamental requirements:

• You must be over 18, preferably with a matric or equivalent qualification (High School graduate), although this is not an absolute requirement
• No criminal record, no alcohol and/or drug dependencies
• Mentally and emotionally stable
• Can meet medium physical requirements
• Preferably some experience working with children
• You relate well to children / Children relate well to you
• Able to instil positive boundaries
• Open to guidance and feedback,
• Adherence to Kids Academy ethical and teaching standards
• Creative, passionate, and energetic
• Kind, compassionate, patient and considerate
• Motivated by personal and business growth
• Well spoken and a clear communicator
• Honest but diplomatic

Make money, run your own business and make a difference

Becoming a licensed Kids Academy Trainer enables you to run your own business. Our business model is not a franchise in the classical sense, but rather that of a service level relationship where our Trainers are independent businesspeople who make use of our licensed training material to offer training in varied formats to groups of children.




You will be required to make payment for the 2-day Trainer Course, which is conducted in person if you are close to either Johannesburg or Cape Town (or can get to us), or alternatively, via our online training course consisting of video modules, worksheet material, and one-on-one training conducted online. (If done online, you are not restricted to 2 days, but can work through the material at your own pace.)

Fee for the Trainer Course and Certification: R9500-00 (or US$715-00 if you are making payment via PayPal).

This fee covers your training, as well as certification, and the startup templates, business forms, and other material which we provide to you.


You will also be required to pay a monthly license fee which pays for the ongoing training and teaching material that we send you every single month.

Apart from your very affordable monthly license fee, every other dollar you take in is pure profit for you. Your goal (and ours, of course) is to build up to classes that are 20 children strong (our recommended maximum number of children per class), in addition to being able to offer the training in other formats as well if you wish to.


Any other expenses, such as equipment (although no formal equipment is required in terms of our program), refreshments, or any other add-ons you wish to make available to children) are for your own account.


After paying your license fee every month, every dollar you earn over and above that amount is yours to keep, and is 100% profit to your account.

We understand that some trainers may only have a limited window of opportunity every week to run classes, and are satisfied with running one group a week, while others may choose to run as many classes as possible – or to focus on workshops and group events.

We recommend a monthly class fee of R370-00 per child (US$27-00) per month, and the illustration below is based on that fee.

If that’s the fee you’ll be charging, here is a table that illustrates your basic earning potential from classes alone:


*Please note that the projected figures illustrated above are approximations, and may vary if you offer discounts (or charge another fee altogether). They are based on the assumption of 20 children per class (unique enrolments). Please note that this illustration does not purport to be a guarantee of earnings.

You’re also not restricted to only running classes, of course – the Kids Academy program is incredibly versatile and can be presented in dozens of different ways and formats (see “Additional Income Streams” below).

As a Trainer, you have the opportunity to run a lucrative independent business, while contributing to the community – and the next generation! – in an incredibly valuable way.

As seen in the illustration above, a trainer who runs (for example) 5 classes per week, with 20 unique enrolments per class at a fee of R370-00 per child, can be earning a monthly income in excess of R35,000-00 (US$2,700-00) – and, assuming a 90-minute class, is essentially teaching for a total of only seven and a half hours per week. (Of course, there is still some preparation time added to this, but it illustrates the tremendous earning potential).

NOTE: As an independent Licensed Trainer, you’re at liberty to charge a fee higher or lower than the illustration above, and of course this will affect the income you make. Some of our Trainers, when working with schools for example, charge a lower “per term” fee for every child, but because of the larger numbers of children, it is still highly profitable to do so.

It’s up to you!


However, as a Trainer, you can do far more than just present scheduled classes.
Our program is designed to be highly adaptable, which means that you can also create and present once-off workshops, seminars, group events, school extramurals, school-friendly Life Orientation presentations or sessions, and many other formats, in addition to one-on-one training with high net worth clients.

We provide you with all the teaching material and templates you’ll need to run these events, or to offer training in other formats. You get to charge the fee you want, and establish your own worth as a trainer in the marketplace.
Guide cover picEvents and workshops like these can add tremendously to your earnings, and there is almost no limit to what you can accomplish with just a little creative marketing and networking. 

We also provide our trainers with marketing and business growth guidance, in the form of “how-to” handbooks, practical advice and assistance, and centralized marketing as well. Although you’re an independent business, we have a vested interest in your success – because as you grow, so does the reach of our program, and we’re able to impact the lives of children who need the training you offer. 

Does this mean you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset? Absolutely! Remember, you’re taking responsibility for growing your own business – on your own terms – and your rate of growth and success depends on what you put into it.

What our program contains

As a Trainer, you’re given a set menu of material that covers each aspect of the training you present.

We provide monthly teaching templates that enable you to literally teach our material in a step-by-step format that is truly powerful and life-changing to the children in your care.

For a typical class, topics and skills include a physical play exercise, a self-defense technique, a group task that enhances emotional strength and social skills, a self-discovery and goalsetting exercise, a problem-solving and creative exercise, and a relaxation and centering exercise to conclude the class.

Every month, you’re given brand new material to work with, in the form of detailed class plans, activities, and extras – so you don’t have to do anything except present the material. You never run out of ideas, and never have to improvise. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s designed to make your life as a Trainer as easy as possible.

Kids Academy classes and workshops are conducted in an atmosphere of fun, excitement, play, and exploration – and lives are powerfully transformed as a result.

A deeper insight into our actual teaching methods is provided during the 2-day training and certification course, where you get to experience the power and effectiveness of our program firsthand. There are elements that are tremendously powerful, and contain great psychological and emotional depth, and of course we can’t detail these on a public page like this one, because those elements, and the teaching method itself, are a big part of the “secret” behind our success.

We structure things simply but effectively, and our methods are designed to enable you to present the training as easily as possible, while having fun, inspiring the children, and teaching our program in ways that are organic, lively and captivating.

Our goal is to make all of this as easy as possible, so that you can focus on what’s most important – the wellbeing of the children in your care, and the growth of your business.

Some Fundamental Requirements


• The incumbent will be working with children. It is imperative that Kids Academy is provided with written permission to do a comprehensive background check on the applicant (this requirement is detailed on the application form we send you).

• In addition, the Kids Academy Trainer Operating Agreement (which forms the main contract between a trainer and Kids Academy, along with our other contractual document, titled Kids Academy Trainer Terms and Conditions, contains a number of requirements designed to enhance the safety of the children in a trainer’s care, as well as detailing all the operating stipulations. Any deliberate or damaging misconduct, as well as any false or misleading information provided, may lead to the suspension of a license, or the withdrawal of a license altogether.

These documents also detail a number of other important stipulations, such as non-disclosure of information, and the basic requirements and obligations of both parties.

(If you’d like to see these documents, you’re welcome to pop us a mail at kidsacademyenquiries@gmail.com, and we’ll send you a copy to look through.)

Before commencing with the Trainer Course, a candidate Trainer is required to sign these documents and enter into a formal operating contract with Kids Academy. 


  • You will need to have your own computer with internet facilities.
  • Suitable premises are required to operate your Kids Academy class, with ablution facilities. An area of approximately 35 square metres as a minimum is advisable, whether it is at your home or a larger venue like a scout hall or school hall.



The initial 2-day comprehensive hands-on training course is held in Johannesburg or Cape Town. If you can’t get to Johannesburg or Cape Town, we offer the same training via a comprehensive training guide and manual covering all aspects of our Kids Academy training program. This includes video tutorials, as well as one-on-one online interaction and feedback.By doing the Kids Academy Trainer Course, you’ll be fully equipped to teach our program.

We don’t only teach you about “the program” – you also learn about the deeper skills, such as effective teaching methods, managing groups, dealing with different learning types, the psychology of influence, and the practical issues of teaching children – and tons more.


Once you’re certified, we list you on our website, and this puts you in front of an audience who may be looking for a Trainer – or who are discovering Kids Academy for the first time.


To help you start up, we give you a “Trainer Launch Pack”, which includes:

• Admin form templates – enrolment forms, indemnities, copy-and-paste email replies, and lots more.
• Additional practical teaching information and self-training material.
• Logos, personalized business card template, banner template, flyer template, and more.


To begin with, you’re given your first 6 weeks’ class teaching templates – these literally talk you through a class, step by step, and are easy to use. Thereafter, you receive 4 new class training templates every month. We provide the material – all you have to do is use it!


We provide you with a Kids Academy business launch and growth guide, containing insights and tips on how to go from zero to hero really quickly. Remember that you are at liberty – and are encouraged – to publicize and promote your own classes and your own business for faster growth.


As we receive enquiries through our website, and from our Facebook page and other channels, we refer those incoming enquiries to our Trainers. We also promote YOU periodically on our site and social media channels, and in our email correspondence with parents.


We have an experienced backup team that can assist with training queries, parent questions, additional training resources, and personal advice, to not only help get your classes off to a fantastic start, but also to be available to you for anything that you’re not sure about.


The object of Kids Academy is to create classes and equip trainers in as many areas and contexts as possible. This serves not only to assist areas or communities where there may not yet be a Kids Academy class, but to provide trainers with a business opportunity that grows Kids Academy while benefiting the trainer financially as well.

We encourage our trainers to think like entrepreneurs. Yes, you have a passion to make a difference, and empower a new generation of amazing kids – but you’re also in business to make money, and we understand that you would like to be remunerated well for the time, care and expertise that you provide.

We do everything in our power to help get you up and running – and then to take it to the next level, should you wish to expand your classes or courses. Our approach is to forge a strong, friendly bond – a personal as well as professional relationship – with each and every one of our trainers, and to support, assist and grow them in every way possible.

Remember, our trainers are not employees or franchise owners – they are independent, self-owned businesses, and we exercise a great deal of respect and empathy when working with them. We have a vested interest: as you succeed, so do we.

There are certain commonsense parameters within which you need to operate, as well, and these parameters are primarily for the safety and wellbeing of the children in your care. These operating stipulations are explained in detail in the Kids Academy Trainer Terms and Conditions document mentioned above.

However, if you have any specific questions that are not directly addressed there, you are most welcome to take a look at our Applicant Trainer Frequently Asked Questions or you can contact us via the email address listed below.

Interested 3


Interested in applying for consideration as a certified Kids Academy Trainer? Send us a mail at kidsacademyenquiries@gmail.com to let us know. We will then mail you an application form.

Supporting documentation required:
1) A copy of your Identification Book / Card or Passport.
2) 1 page motivation as to why you believe you would make a suitable Kids Academy Trainer.

We will then arrange for further communication and an interview. Interviews will be conducted in person wherever possible, while applicants further away from Johannesburg or Cape Town will be interviewed via phone or Skype.

The best way to predict the future… is to create it.

Contact us today.



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